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Women's Studies

Relationship Between Class And Pins
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I chose this pin because cleaning is not always a woman's job. This is a socially constructed idea. This relates to the discussions that men can also do work around the house. This relates to the reading "Women's Work Inside and Outside The Home"

I chose this pin because there is an idea that a relationship can only be between a female and male. This is not true. There are many same sex couples. This pin can be related to the reading "Family Systems,Family Lives"

I chose this pin because it seems to portray the idea that women are sex figures. This pin relates to the course by showing how women are thought about to be. The films that are related to this are the ones we watched about how different commercials just really put women out in the open.For instance the Carl's Jr. Commercials.

This pin was chosen because no matter what someones sexual orientation is they should always be accepted. This pin relates to this course by the many discussions we have had about different types of sexual orientations. This picture relates to the readings on "Inscribing Gender on the Body"

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This pin was chosen because it deals with violence. The mans finger is telling her to be quiet about the abuse. A lot of women do not report their abuse. This pin relates to week 12 reading "Resisting Violence Against Women."