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ha! Zutara wins!

i don't ship zutara, but i definitely don't like zuko and mae. <I do ship Zutara only because I don't ship Mae and Zuko, and I think they are kinda cute together anyways I'm just glad other people don't like Mae and Zuko together so thank you :)

This is definitely how things should have gone. Katara and Zuko had way more chemistry.

Non-canon ship time. Daddy is always pretty. Can this please be canon? I always shipped Aang and Katara together and only thought of Katara and Zuko as a thing when Aang passed

By moonlight by on @deviantART

As a popular ship for this series, there's a ton of fan art to sort through here on DA. Avatar, The Last Airbender: Zutara Fanart