the water cycle

One of our favorite water cycle illustrations, especially for younger students. The image of the sun's rays reaching down to draw up water is a great way to represent evaporation. It highlights the driving force of the sun.

water cycle song video

SCIENCE Verbal Aid/Teaching Strategy: Providing information in multiple forms (such as this song) can help students recall information through different avenues. Attaching information to a catchy lyric will get stuck in anyone's head!

Oběh vody pro děti

Water cycle for kids poster nteractive water-cycle diagram New! Our interactive diagram allows you to "mouse around" the parts of the water cycle and view explanations, pictures, and more online. The diagram is available for three levels of students.

Hrátky s vodou: film O Vodičce  «  VODARENSTVI.CZ

Hrátky s vodou: film O Vodičce « VODARENSTVI.CZ

vznik nerostů a hornin

vznik nerostů a hornin

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