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MerryTea (美丽茶)

Presenting to you the first and only one in Singapore‪ #MerryTea #美丽茶 Product Ingredients: - Calendula - South African Antacid Tea - Lemon Leaves - Peach Blossoms - Honeysuckle - Dried Violets - Lemongrass Benefits: - helps increase skin's metabolism - Balances the 'Yin' and 'Yang' in your body - Relieve stress and reduce depression - Enhance immunity against viruses - Natural Whitening from head to toes - Detox our liver - Carry more Oxygen (O2) in our blood to our lungs - and many more!
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Main ingredients: #calendula #lemonleaves #peachblossoms #driedviolets #lemongrass #greentea #southafricanantacidtea *ALL ARE MIRACLE HERBS VALUED BY MANY COUNTRIES. AMERICAN NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE ARE MADE AWARE SINCE 1950s OF ONE OF THE HERBS BEING USED TO TREAT CANCER AND SHRINKS TUMOR!

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Are u a Tea Lover ? An exclusive launch of a special formulae of overhauling the skin and health from inside out by drinking this Tea! #MerryTea #美丽茶 #1stinSingapore 1 box = 30 satchets Methods of preparation: Take out 1 satchet and boil with water till boiling point for at least 1HR, let it simmer down for at least 15mins and drink.