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Украшения шибори.

Bead embroidery and shibori silk butterfly

59 Steampunk Fashion Ideas You Are Going to Love ...

Gothic Steampunk Pin Pendant Botanical Eye di twistedsisterarts Ah! Here's a matching necklace for the ring I pinned earlier! Admittedly that one was golden in colour, but you get the idea!

Dense Wire Tree Sculptures by Clive Maddison

Dense Wire Tree Sculptures by Clive Maddison

Boncuklardan Ağaç Nasıl Yapılır? ,  #boncuktanağaç #boncuktanağaçmodelleri #boncuktanağaçnasılyapılır #boncuktanağaçyapımı #telveboncuklaağaçyapımı , Boncuktan ağaç yapımı ile sizlere çok güzel modeller hazırladık. Boncuktan yapılan ağaçlar insanın içini açıyor. Pembeler, yeşiller, m...

DIY Miniature Tree of Beads . middle step would look great on a wall!

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Beaded Snowflake Ornament -- I don't care so much for how the multiple snowflakes tangle with each other. But I wonder if you could/how it would look if you rolled up a larger beaded snowflake and let it unroll once inside.

Christmas ornament with bows and trims

Christmas ornament with bows and trims

Рождественские украшения своими руками

Felt covered Christmas ornament with Flair - via Karen O'Hara - Wendy Schultz ~ Christmas Crafts.

Dressmaking supplies used to embellish these ornaments

Dress Up Plain Christmas Ornaments - Choose a single color for your ornament crafts for a stylish result. Find rhinestones to match the color of your ornaments and adhere the jewels to the ornaments in pretty patterns using craft glue.


Pretty DIY ornaments from book pages

Реставрация старых ёлочных шаров / Новогодний интерьер /

Very ornate beaded ornaments. Live the design, but maybe not hanging beads.