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This a must-watch video to those who matters their dreams . After I finish my vision I should watch it everyday.

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This is a Professor picture. Being a professor at the biomedical engineering is one of my favorite dreams too , I want to invent a new machine that defeats cancer in God's will .

This picture represents a lovely moment of my future : "signing my first book " . One of my dreams is to write more than 10 books about the secret of the life , our secret , and other useful topics.

This is a new post on my Facebook account represents one of my favorite dreams or goals. The power of our education is one of the most beautiful things .

هذه عبارة رائعة في تحفيزك لوضع أحلام هائلة تشتمل على عطاء واضح لهذا العالم ، اخترتها لأَنِّي علمت أنه كلما كانت أحلامك واضحة وكبيرة ومفيدة كلما كان عطائك أكبر وكلما كانت سعادتك أكبر .

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