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Alexandra Pavlušova
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KAWAII<<< Russia my little baby.

He's probably like "OH MY GOSH A FRIEND WANNA BECOME ONE?" okay I'm just kidding but, I feel bad for Russia cause everyone is afraid of him!


I honestly can't see why people are scared of Russia, I know he seems that way but unless you get on his bad side he's really not that scary

Hetalia America and Canada

Since Alfred and Matthew are younger nations(and on a different continent) they might have a harder time keeping up with the others.

Tags: Axis Powers: Hetalia, Seychelles, Taiwan, Japan, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, China, Prussia, Lithuania, Latvia, North Italy, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Sealand, Austria, Spain, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Vietnam, Chibitalia, Poland, Turkey, South Italy, Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Cuba, Greece, Holy Roman Empire, Egypt, Thailand, Germania, Australia, Nordic Countries, South Korea, G (mangaka), Soviet Union

i love how Norway breaks his fall with Denmark, Iceland uses mr.puffin, Latvia if like fml, and Poland looks like a happy fan girl falling into a pile of celebrities