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Espero te sirva y diganmee si quieren que empiece a hacer una sección de juegos de terror 👻
a man and woman hugging each other with the caption in spanish above them that reads,
the words crush are written in black and white on a sheet of paper with an image of
Frases Indirectas Indirectas De Amor Para Mi Crush Tumblr 121
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a woman with long hair and tattoos on her chest, wearing a white dress is looking up at the sky
a woman with her mouth open holding a cell phone to her ear
a drawing of a cat with the caption'was a querer mi pinche amo si no? '
Tarea para hoy
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an open book with some type of text on it's page, in spanish
the words are written in white chalk on a blackboard, and there is no image to describe
an image of the moon and earth with captioning above it that says,
La luna
an alien sitting at a table with another alien in front of him and the caption that says, no one else is doing
an alien holding a flower with the caption'no vemos las cosas como sora las vemos commo sonos '