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an open book with cross stitch patterns on it and a hand holding the pages in front of it
a red and green star with tassels laying on top of it's side
Finished embroidery – a stumpwork embroidery ‘petal bag’
Сумка с лепестками в открытом виде показывает вышитые внутренние карманы.
Clothes, Giyim, Styl, Dress, Sew, Style, Moda, Clothes Design
a man holding a sign on the sidewalk
Photo by Bettye Lane April 17th, 1975
there are many small vases in the hand
a person holding up a small piece of fabric with a sun on it and some candles in the background
Homemade phone case
made this for my sister!
Anne, Unif
handknit by me!