Anello Octopus argento regolabile di PaperSreetJewelry su Etsy

Vintage Titanium Steel Octopus Sea Monster Squid Kraken Punk Antique Ring Retro By PaPa's Bubble

Skull ring

Full jaw skull ring sterling silver mens ring skull biker masonic jewelry 925 in Jewelry & Watches, Fashion Jewelry, Rings

Vitruvian Man Ring (2009, IT) Ring 150. by Blind Spot Jewellery on Flickr. // amazing #metalsmith #jewelrymaker / Janos Gabor Varga

Sterling silver seal ring with the famous "Vitruvian Man" of Leonardo da Vinci. I used an Italian one Euro coin for the image. Size (US): 7 (slightly enlargable) Weight: g The diameter of the ringhead is: 18 mm

THEA III RING STORE-MACABREGADGETS.COM THEA triptych by Macabre Gadgets: inspired by the outstanding Hellenistic, its sensuality, innocence and half mythical internality. Executed in a unique technique, combining the cutting edge and natural materials the ring become an ancient artefact achieved an effect of an antique statue.

Inspired by the unknown of the abyss, this hand-sculpted pressed coral ring features a god-like portrait that's at once gothic and divine.