Alenka Laštovičková

Alenka Laštovičková

Alenka Laštovičková
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Tattoos are created by injecting ink through into the skin. Tattoo artists accomplish this by using an electric powered tattoo gun that almost sounds like the drill a dentist uses. The tattoo gun has a needle that moves up and down, - Minimal Tattoos

19 Tattoos That Dominated 2014

ting way to experiment with using your body as a canvas. I know tattoos aren’t for everyone, but if you’re an art appreciator, I hope you’ll take some time to check out Amanda’s work online — it’s really spectacular and definitely worth checking out. Thanks to Amy for the tip! xo, g

Abstract by Amanda Wachob - Tattoo Ideas

Daniel Platzman. Unicornio

Watercolor Geometric Unicorn Tattoo By Alexandra Katsan .

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Submission to 'I Took The Greatest Risk In My Life And Became A Tattoo Artist'

Hermoso diseño de un unicornio geométrico en la muñeca. Sencillo y delicado.

Imagen de unicorn, tattoo, and tatto Daniel Platzman

Illustrated Geometric Unicorn Poster For Allyson

Illustrated Geometric Unicorn Poster (Reproduction) this would make an awesome tattoo or poster for you!