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an image of some words that are in the same language, and one has been written on
témata na podzim v mš
Výsledek obrázku pro témata na podzim v mš
a purple background with the words page on it
Vzdělávací portál každé dobré školy
there are many different flowers on the table together, and one is made out of clay
Dreambweaver | Etsy
Dream Weaver by Dreambweaver on Etsy
an image of a painting with flowers on it
Artwork published by Kurtis55
Kindergarten students learned about Claude Monet's art and the beautiful gardens he created around his home in France. Students used oil pastel to draw the bridge across Monet's pond and then used sponges to add the greenery. They used their fingers to add the colorful flowers on top of the lily pads.
an art project with flowers and clouds painted on the side of each piece of paper
Kunst in der Grundschule:,Blumenwiese More