Alena Vlachová

Alena Vlachová

Jsem členkou skautského střediska Javor.
Alena Vlachová
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I really like all of these ideas for learning about the heart because they can be used for many ages.  Some of the younger children may find the model of the house representing the heart easier to understand and more relatable.  School age children may find the actual heart and body activities as more of a challenge and enjoyable project.  This can help children going through something cardiac related understand procedures or problems occurring.

Human Body: Learning About the Heart Unit - Printables and activities about the human heart - Good hands on materials and activities about how the heart and the blood circulatory system work.

Peg dolls that can straddle cardboard vehicles/animals

Father would saw off the peg tips and attach them as arms by wire through a hole drilled in the "shoulders" of the peg doll. He would draw true face and hair and Mother would make a little clothes for the Peg Dolly… How to make peg dolls

Easy DIY Doll Bed Sewing Pattern for Kids

Jerrell this looks like a fun weekend project! A tin with a surprise within! DIY Wee mouse tin house // Top 28 Most Adorable DIY Baby Projects Of All Time