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an advertisement for a crocheted umbrella in russian
Романтика позапрошлого века - изящные зонтики крючком
an umbrella is sitting on the table and next to it's lace doily
салфетки крючек
an instruction book for crochet with instructions on how to do it in french
an umbrella made out of words and numbers on white paper with chinese characters in the background
傘のモチーフ(編み図付き、かさ、アンブレラ、いちご、イチゴ、苺) | Crochet a little
there are many small white umbrellas on the table with doily and paper bags
Вязание кружево,тесьма,узоры
an image of a circular doily on the facebook page
il mio fiocco di neve sorridente | punti e spunti