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Ooo kkkk...

So, this is Johnlock/Wholock fanart, and I think it's lovely.

Stars by sadynax.

Sherlock & John - stars ~~ I KNOW that the moon and milky way aren't that near to each other xDDDD I just wanted to put them in the same frame : P Traditional art, Done: Ink, Copic markers, copic opaque white, copic airbrush and white dry pastel.

‘He looked over to Sherlock and grinned: a leaf had fallen on top of his head and had gotten tangled up in his thick, dark curls. Sherlock either hadn’t noticed or was simply too angry to remove it (John suspected the latter).’ a Sherlock fanfic.

And I will love you.

Open Lesbian roleplay, be the dark haired one) "Baby I really have to go." I smile sadly, I was the preachers daughter. The homophobic preachers daughter, you were trying to get Me to stay longer.