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Alena Radoušová

Alena Radoušová
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Matt Healy, Alex Turner and Jesse Rutherford I dont like smokers but omg this is changing my.

See The Neighbourhood’s Handwritten Lyrics To “Sweater Weather ...

why the hell would someone make this and get some of the lyrics wrong and some missing? like if youre going to make a lyric poster then at least make sure you have the correct lyrics

The Neighbourhood, supporting The 1975 tomorrow night, couldn't ask for a better support act! ❤️

Lily's favorite type of music is alternative. Some of her favorite bands/artists are the Neighbourhood, Lorde, American Authors, and the Royal Concept. She loves songs that are upbeat and have a good meaning.

My Chemical Romance

actually 5 albums--conventional weapons the message remains the same, though. MCR lives on forever.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way. Some people i know just got sigh by Victory Records if you go to alternative press and then go to news and then you will see ForeverAtLast go listen to their music it's good. and they really like MCR


but would anything matter if you're already dead ✧ gerard way of my chemical romance