So simple. Great for fine motor! Draw around the obstacles

So simple. Great for fine motor! Draw around the obstacles. Use natural objects instead of plastic: acorns, pods, pine cones, etc.

19260326_1574327542612158_6790491354468446177_n.jpg (565×800)

19260326_1574327542612158_6790491354468446177_n.jpg (565×800)

One-Finger Spacer | Plastic Writing Spacer for Beginners | Handwriting Skills Development Tool

One-Finger Spacer (25 Pack)

New writers and those with visual or fine motor challenges can rely on the spacer's arrow for directionality and its ruler for precise letter measurement.


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Alphabet Activities, Preschool Themes, Anabel, Red Wine, Teaching Ideas, Haha


Alphabet Activities, Preschool Themes, Abc Learning, Spelling Games, Homeschool, Child Education, Haha, Children

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