Lots of dental health activities for preschool and K

Adorable for dental health month {.yes, dental health month is February, but we didn't want to forget to feature this super cute math center!} or any other time of year, this hippopotamus numeral.

Happy tooth sad tooth story. Place Happy Tooth and Sad Tooth onto a flannel board. Discuss each food and have the children decide if it's healthy or unhealthy for teeth and place them next to the appropriate tooth.

Happy tooth, sad tooth: this would be a nice flannel board activity as kids could sort out what kinds of foods are best for our teeth.

Instruments - Matching B&W worksheets

With this worksheet, students can match pictures of instruments with their name. Includes instruments from all four families.

When I was much younger I made my own greeting cards using my finger prints like this.

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Ukazkove strany KuliFerda MS sluchove vnimani

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