Aleš Fabiánek

Aleš Fabiánek

Aleš Fabiánek
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PT Breakers from Delicious Boutique & Corseterie

PT Breakers from Delicious Boutique & Corseterie

Ridiculously amazing pants! 14th Addiction: PT Breakers #steampunk kinda overpriced at $579

Addiction: for the zombie apocalypse

Repurpose an old bookshelf as a firewood rack...I can do that!

10 Easy Pieces: Firewood and Log Storage

A few months ago, I saw these little gems in a catalog… But the prices were unbelievable…. One of my favorite restaurants here in Oak Cliff uses wall-mounted plumbing pipe as “log…

Plumbing Pipe Log Holder from The Cavender Diary

Roltrade - Rais Puuteline

Roltrade - Rais Puuteline

creative small storage ideas for decorating small apartments and homes

Smart storage ideas are essential for large and small spaces, but decorating small apartments and homes call for intelligent space saving solutions that maximize valuable space and improve the functionality of modern interiors

Kaminholzregal drinnen

Firewood rack Firewood stand Black 80009 Basket for firewood Shelf for firewood Firewood holder Shelf

DPL floor tiles with #wood effect BERRYALLOC - ELEGANCE by @woodcoparquet

one side of the fireplace, minimal, with recessed mantle space large enough for art with down light, and side compartment for fake logs.

wood storage blade x 4

Blade 117 Log Holder Black For Kitchen next to wood stove

gorgeous wood rack storage by Rais - Wood rack

Rais - Wood rack comes with 2 or 3 compartments can turn on side and put a seat cover on to use as a bench