Here Kitty, Kitty

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Alayne Merritt

The shelter tried to send our foster cat to a sanctuary because she couldn't find a permanent home. We said fuck that and went ahead and adopted her. This is Laya.

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Curly Coat of a Selkirk Cat - 1st October 2014

Curly Coat of a Selkirk Cat - Click to see lots of lovely cat pictures to brighten your day.

Calico Cutie

I don't know if I've ever seen a blue-eyed calico kitty before. This kitten might just keep her blue eyes. What a little cutie she is! (One of four kittens that recently appeared in my friend Maryann's back yard.)

The Nature and the Beauty

will this tail ever stop growing? 🤔 | we.are.chilipepper


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Why The End Of Daylight Saving Time Drives Some Cats Berserk - CatTime

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