Robin} The white haired girl heads over towards Sterling, she was excused but happy that everything had come together. "I have a feeling you might want a drink." She holds up to flutes of champagne.

we are made of stardust

Fix me

It's called The Oracle --- a room dedicated to observe missions, interact and support agents, a hive of hard-working men and women who are lead by Antoni Moreno . But what lies behind the good intentions of a well organized operation?

Science is Real Enamel Pin (hard enamel pin science pin climate change environment scientist pin lapel pin badge political pin backpack pin)

The use of iron mans lasers would come into good use when creating a title sequence with avengers, id make the lasers appear and come out the screen using the camera. This would be timed to use with iron man coming towards the screen.

*endless sobbing* <--- You have no idea how much I cried in this scene. I thought JARVIS was gone for good, and I bawled.