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a machine that is working on some kind of metal thing in the middle of it
Homemade Sheet Metal Pressing Tool | Sheet Metal Press | Door Decor
a large red shovel sitting on top of a pile of rubble
Home made log skidder bull dozer build, starting with J20, need Hydraulic HELP!
the back end of a vehicle with a wooden skiff attached to it
Upgrade system login | XenForo
a metal bench sitting on top of a gravel ground next to a green grass covered field
DIY Welding Projects & Ideas
a red work bench with measurements for the top and bottom parts, including two wheels
36 Brake Bender with Stand Sheet Metal Bending Plate Bender 12 Gauge
an angle iron to hold sheet metal down and angle iron to hold sheet metal down
My new ride!
a drawing of a bench that is being worked on with some tools in front of it
a blue machine with screws and nuts on it's side sitting on a table
Home-Made Metal Brake
a person is using a machine to cut something