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Bachs Weeping Angels Gif by BachLynn23

Was bored, decided to try making a weeping angels gif, got the weeping angel pics from DW website and the sky and background image were just a couple of.

wolf soul ...... XDDDD

wolf soul ...... XDDDD

So. True. I laughed so hard when he did that.

The Doctor's inside joke with himself was hilarious. << no rose would get-- oh nevermind. she's stuck in another dimension. <--- if you thought that was funny think again

Wolf Quest Pups!!!!

A sneak peak at a wolf pup, just like the pups that you'll raise and protect in WolfQuest: Slough Creek, coming December

Perfect treble // "This is my FATHERs world...All nature sings and around me rings...the music of the spheres..."

Perfect treble // "This is my FATHERs world.All nature sings and around me rings.the music of the spheres.