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a crucifix is painted on top of a rock with two people holding the cross
Crucifixion. Jesus. The Christ. My Redeemer. John 3:16. God gave His all for whosoever will accept Him. Salvation was bought for all mankind, thank you Lord!
a painted rock with an image of two people embracing each other and a penny on the table
Lembrancinhas para o dia dos avós 2023
Lembrancinhas para o dia dos avós 2022
several pairs of colorful shoes sitting on top of some white and blue rocks with the word mamma painted on them
Over 40 of the BEST Rock Painting Ideas
Converse Painted Rocks...these are the BEST Rock Painting Ideas!
a painted rock with a ladybug holding a leaf on it's back
a painted rock with a palm tree on it
Love Birds Sitting on Twig (Mixed Media Art)
a painted rock with a parrot on it
Papagei | Bemalte Steine
a painted rock with a monkey face on it's side and green fabric behind it
Curious George With Fun Border Hand Painted Rock Sealed in - Etsy
an orange and green parrot painted on a rock
Pedras na Decoração