Alžběta Kmentová

Alžběta Kmentová

Alžběta Kmentová
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Love how these stairs are painted to be such a great optical illusion!! They look like they are all wild and crazy but they really are very normal to walk on. =)

Art Nouveau Inspiration-Designed by Atmos Studio as part of a larger project, the stairs take on a life of their own as they appear to wind, twist, and turn all over the place.

Intitulada Dezoito Turns, origami design inspirado de Libeskind destacou a beleza dos jardins em Hyde Park e sua conexão com o Gallery. Este pavilhão foi criado a partir de aviões metálicos, vestida com painéis de alumínio que refletem criados dinamicamente planos de luz, assim como o parque circundante.

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2001 Designed by Daniel Libeskind with Arup /. but from some angles it feels like an enclosed space trying to express it's form, which is suggested to be much bigger and expansive within.

Technologically Advanced Park Benches #streetfurniture

the aster lounger combines outdoor comfort with technology - Presenting the Aster urban lounger, a snazzy spin on outdoor lounging by Italian company Emo Design.

Studio Daniel Libeskind-Westside Shopping and Leisure Centre

Built by Daniel Libeskind in Berne, Switzerland with date Images by Daniel Libeskind. The Westside project, a new center for leisure and shopping in Bern-Brünnen, is an urban scale architecture project t.