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Aki Awemne

Aki Awemne
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Poster Design inspired by the Hannibal TV series. Featuring a Bloody RavenStag with Will Graham's signature line. Size: Printed on: Glossy card stock paper. Artist signature upon request! *Actual product will not have watermark stamped over image.

These impressions OMG

Hannibal & Will Graham (omg Will's "I wanted ice cream" face is so sadly adorable!)<<Will not appreciating the high-caliber cooking Hannibal makes him is outright hilarious, especially when you know that there's almost definitely people in it.

Best Quotes From NBC's Hannibal - iHorror

Hannibal - In an interview Mads Mikkelsen said that satan himself was his inspiration for the role and made clear that he wanted no one to feel any empathy for this character.