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a bouquet of flowers in a white vase on a blue background with black and red accents
a blue sweatshirt with yellow lettering on the front and bottom that says, price written in large letters
the letters are in different colors and font styles, including green, pink, blue, and brown
Tina Smith on Instagram: "Playing with my typeface Nolita 🗓️ Designers, if you want an experimental trial, email me 👀"
a woman is walking down the runway in a skirt with fuzzy blue slippers on her feet
the text on the phone says you only have right now but lucky for you it's always right now
an image of the front cover of a book with words in different colors and font
a person holding a tube of liquid next to a mirror
clothes hanging on a rack in a clothing store
an iphone screen with the words bold ideas in red and black on it, against a dark background