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four pictures of dogs with different colors and sizes, one has white fur on it
@yeye_0214 on ig
a painting of a person's face in watercolor
Matt Murphy 🇬🇧 on Instagram: “Quick study experiment from last year. Watercolour on Baohong 300g cold press paper 19 x 26cm. #watercolorportraits #watercolorportrait…”
an altered portrait is displayed on a doily
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sunprinted eternal sunshine of the spotless mind tshirt
a plate with flowers painted on it sitting on a shelf
Jan de Vliegher
several colorful plates with flowers painted on them
Rivoli Building #41 Brussels | Exhibitions - Tentoonstellingen
Galerie Zwart Huis | Zeedijk 635, Knokke | Exhibitions - Tentoonstellingen
an oil painting of two children looking at a woman's dress with flowers on it
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an oil painting of a chandelier with candles
Jan De Vliegher
2�0�1�4� �-� �c�h�a�n�d�e�l�i�e�r�2� � - olie op doek - � �2�0�0�x�2�0�0�c�m: