conch, tragus, and helix with opal jewelry

Getting ready for fashion week with our Opal Horizontal Princess Clicker and Opal Four Ball Trinity Threaded Stud.

Moderno minimalista juego de 3 trepador de la por Benittamoko

Modern Minimalist Set of 3 - Ear Climber, Smooth Sweeps Ear Cuff, Double Ear Cuff, Earring Climbers Criss Cross Ear Cuff, Crawlers

Industrial Barbell Ear Piercing with white by triballook on Etsy, $19.00

Industrial Barbell Ear Piercing with crackle crystal rock or chrysocola comes with the matching earring gauge Piercing for your upper ear.

Handcrafted Dream Catcher Industrial Barbell #bodycandy

Handcrafted Teal Dreamcatcher Barbell Created with Swarovski Crystals