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two wooden shelves with trees in them are hanging on the wall next to a bed
Resultado de imagen para jardinera paletscommunity and decor
a clock made out of wooden planks with words on it
Interesting Pallet Reusing Ideas To Enhance Home Look
Easily made this wood pallet clock project is easy on eye. This ingenious ideas for wooden pallet reusing that will amaze you and you can copy them to amaze others. So engage yourself in this activity in your leisure time.
four different pictures of an old white clock
Grandfather Clock "After". Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in coco, duck egg, french linen, topped with old ochre, then clear waxed. #ASCP #morethanpaint Check out my other projects!
an old white china cabinet with chalkboard on the top and bottom, in different stages of being painted
Repurposed Grandfather Clock
{createinspire}: Repurposed Grandfather Clock
an old grandfather clock sitting on the floor in front of a wallpapered wall
This was a repro grandfather clock which I gave an Annie Sloan makeover. I love it !
a red grandfather clock next to a brown suitcase on a wooden floor in front of a brick wall
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Quirky Upcycled Painted Furniture | Hand Painted Antique Grandfather Clock in Annie Sloan 'Emperor Silk' Chalk Paint