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a sign with some writing on it that says vitamin d's mamiky
Vítací básničky besídka
a sheet of paper with writing on it that has music notes written all over it
children's books written in different languages are displayed on a table with flowers and napkins
an open book with pictures of eyes and hands
Básničky – petaplecova – album na Rajčeti
a piece of paper that has some type of text on it in black and white
Lidské smysly báseň
Smysly básnička
the back side of a website with an image of a child's face
Odpusť mi, maminka
Zuzana Kubašáková: Odpusť mi, maminka
sheet music with the words do pelskiu and an image of a horse
sheet music with the words rok on it
an app with music notes on it, and the words in english are also visible