Amálie Jarolímova

Amálie Jarolímova

Amálie Jarolímova
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Talk to a nun - preferably not in a gas mask but if there is one that is ok too.She is ordered to wear it so she doesn't spread her erotic life styles to others Mais

Running blood down my neck

Inspo // Blood Magic // "Blood's not a demure trickle like it is in movies. It's heavy and thick and distinctly unsexy. It gets in your hair and sticks to your teeth, and always means pain.

even in death it grows. Christina Otero.

Stunning Self-Portraits by Cristina Otero Cristina Otero is a young photographer currently living in Madrid, Spain. Self-portraiture teaches you a lot about yourself. You suddenly know all your flaws and ‘’perfections’, physically and emotionally sp