Alena Plášková

Alena Plášková

Alena Plášková
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Saucier Perrotte modern architecture house design

Simplicity House in the Laurentian Mountains Design by Saucier+Perrotte Architects Home Design Photos - Architecture & Interior Design Ideas and Online Archives

This house by architects Destilat appears to climb down a hill at the foot of the Pöstlingberg mountain in Austria.

Built by destilat in Linz, Austria with date Images by Mark Sengstbratl. the property is located on a steep slope at the foot of pöstlingberg in the immediate vicinity of the danube.

Modern camouflage log cabin, designed by Hans Linberg.

Your ordinary log cabin is laid out with lengthwise logs stacked to make its outer walls. Piet Hein Eek, charged with building a cozy recording studio for friend and musician Hans Liberg, did not make any ordinary log cabin.