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culvert pipe planter

Art Raised beds - metal culvert pipe is a great alternative to traditional wooden and square garden beds.

Luv the concrete rounds for the veggie garden beds!

Luv the concrete rounds for the veggie garden beds!

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Gardening - Organic Dream garden - Raised Bed Ideas You could start with raised gardening beds and protect the dirt from outside Now all I need is a yard!

Who says you don't have any room for an herb garden. could make a gorgeous living wall/divider for privacy

If you don’t have big garden and big yard but you like plants and flowers here is a great idea for you- Vertical garden. Vertical gardening utilizes various resources to allow plants to extend upward rather than grow along the surface of the garden.

Design, construction and Assembly of a terrace - garden using as material base recycled pallets. Installation of the flower box automatic irrigation system.Placement of artificial grass.