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if you never try you'll never know // zyanya lorenzo


Change is good! Don't waste your life & energy trying to change others--if you want change, change within.

Try ~Wise Words Of Wisdom, Inspiration Motivation

take time...

Take time happy soul

#Inspired | Friday Morning Mantra

20 cool quotes has favorite motivational sayings and words to live by too. Have a great start to your week.


Are you closer to where you want to be? Closer to God? Closer to your dreams?

Stop waiting for things to happen. Get out and make them happen.

7 quotes that will inspire you to make it count today: Stop waiting for things to happen. Go out and make them happen


Your mistakes don't define you. --Check out these 15 motivational and inspirational quotes to help you feel good inside and out. Sometimes, just keeping in mind these sayings can help you get through the moments where you need a little extra positivity.


I am good enough. I'm a good enough mommy, a good enough wife, a good enough daughter, sister. I AM GOOD ENOUGH!

Today I will be the best version of me.

Daily affirmations with attitude. Inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and wisdom from professional best friend, Rachel Simpson.