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Anna Iskrová

Anna Iskrová
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22 chemical dopamine on arm

awesome reasoning behind this tattoo. "chemical symbols for dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that, together, help regulate your bodies happiness/moods. a reminder that the body literally does make your own happiness" - tattoos for nerds

64 Cool Tattoos Ideas For Best Friends

tattooedbodyart: “ Planning to get a tattoo with your best friend? Here are 64 cool tattoos ideas for best friends… is a must-see! Read more: 64 Cool Tattoos Ideas For Best Friends image source:.

Swing Girl @ Seoul

I painted a swing girl on the wall behind my desk in my office yesterday, which is Bansky's. Bansky - Girls on Swing @ allm Interactive, Seoul

Here's How Getting A Tattoo Works In Slow Motion. Just a reminder for why I keep putting it

Super slow motion video of getting a tattoo. Smarter Every Day took a trip to local tattoo parlor to find out how the process of tattooing works — and to get some super slow motion, close-up video of a tattoo machine applying ink to someone’s.