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This is actually how I make decisions. "Hey, I should drink half a jar of pure, concentrated coffee!" Jenny no Jenny don't Jen-"OH SH*T WHAT HAVE I DONE" - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Skyrim Valentine: Sanguine by on @deviantART

Happy Valentine's Day, from your favorite Daedric Prince. EDIT: Feel free to use this online or off (if online, please provide a link back to my page fo.

Awww, Cicero...

"Yes, Listener! I will remain in this very spot until you tell me otherwise. Spiders could eat my face off and faithful Cicero would not move an inch!" Cicero you are so full of crap.


In the Dark brotherhood did you let Cicero live or did you kill him? Poll Results - Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim


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