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Aimee Bentinck

Aimee Bentinck
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The following apparatus takes advantage of axiom #5 on the right: Children are compelled by nature to put things in holes.   This apparatus ...

previous pinner wrote"Plywood top with holes for sand or sensory table; try making one from cardboard for a smaller table. His website is full of really cool ideas for the sensory table"

great idea!

"What is a giant sponge?" It is a piece of foam cut from a foam mattress to fit into the sensory table." Because the children can make impressions on the sponge, they can also use the utensils provided to make imprints.

Reading Response ideas for Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas.

It tells the tale of Father Christmas trying to deliver a forgotten present to Harvey Slumfenburger who lived in a hut a.