Sculpture Makeover 2.0

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three different types of umbrellas sitting on top of a wooden wall
two ceramic figurines are standing next to each other
a gold rhino figurine sitting on top of a pink tray filled with presents
Ideias de reciclagem e reuso de brinquedos para fazer com as crianças
a toy giraffe that has been made to look like it is wearing a costume
My Menagerie...
an owl statue before and after being painted
My Owl Gets a Makeover Inspired By Design Trends And Gets A Name Inspired By Friends
before and after photos of ceramic bird sculptures
Painted black sparrow figurine Halloween
two figurines one with an angel and the other with a skeleton on it
Gothy Angel Thrift Store Upcycle
three different types of decorative objects are shown in this image, one is pink and the other is blue
curated contemporary art
three different colored vases with statues on them and one is pink, blue, yellow, and white
10 Ways to Upgrade Common Thrift Store Finds