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we used to be so happy together. everytime I think about those days I die a little bit more inside.

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This broke my heart, I'm already dreading when he leaves.. Peter don't you DARE leave anytime soon!

Well, at least he lived up to that in the end. Unfortunately Clara just couldn't give the Doctor up so it was bound to end with one of their deaths in the end which it what really affected me in this scene.

I'm crying... E-everyone please read this... it can save lives...

I can't stop crying I've read this to so many people.and everyone I cry.people please read this then repost it.and read it to people that you know have problems like this in there live it could save them.

Absolutely brilliant lines between Twelve and Clara here.... Love this. (Anyone else reminded rather a bit of Four by this?)

Absolutely brilliant lines between Twelve and Clara here. (Anyone else reminded rather a bit of Four by this?)<<This is mine and Barr's relationship in a nutshell.

holy shit, not much can make me cry in terms of my disorder but this one i can relate to.

So sad and yet this is truly the endless cycle of a eating disorders thinking. it wants this to happen to that is exactly why u can't let it.