Wow.... I can’t read the rest but I think it’s about abuse and love??

Wow all the hands on the girl in the middle with her hand in her hair. This is so powerfull.

69d5104a71aa07ccf5e3b1d3a15f6fb8.jpg (480×720)

69d5104a71aa07ccf5e3b1d3a15f6fb8.jpg (480×720)

Zamilovaná žena píše svému miláčkovi SMSku...

Zamilovaná žena píše svému miláčkovi SMSku...


Ze života

Ze života

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Ukaž mi toho, kdo ti řekl, že jsi Yorkshire?!

Well that's an odd couple. Look closely, the bear has it's arm protectively around the dog.

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