Ivano Aglietto

Ivano Aglietto

Prague / Environmental engineer, PhD - Developer of nanostructured materials for industry
Ivano Aglietto
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pecial microstructured silicon surfaces repel water droplets so strongly that the droplets are catapulted upwards

These Trampolining Water Droplets Seem to Defy Physics

Lotus flower, lotus leaf and scanning-electron microscope image of lotus leaf

Researchers successfully fabricate a metamaterial using a lotus leaf as a template November 2015

By mimicking the nano-structure of the lotus, we now have self-cleaning paints and sprays

Ultra-Sensitive Electrical Biosensor Unlocks Potential for Instant Diagnostic Devices. Researchers at UC Santa Barbara propose Tunnel-FET based biosensor times more sensitive than conventional FET-based sensors

"Povcomp appears to be the only official Pov-Ray competition ever produced. Shown here is the place winner, Dissolution by 'NEWT'

Int'l PD and Movement Disorders

Nanotechnology, Watches


Credit: Niall McEvoy/Crann/Trinity College Dublin These are one-dimensional zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods; the high surface-to-volume ratio give.