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a sign that says clover hill with flowers in the center and green leaves on it
Clover Hill House Sign
Clover Hill House Sign / Danthonia Designs
a potted plant sitting on top of a table next to some coins and lights
St. Patrick's Day Votive with Shamrock
It's traditional in Ireland to give a shamrock plant as a gift and to wear a bunch of shamrock pinned to your top during the day
a wreath made out of green leaves hanging from a window sill with a cross in the background
Shamrock Stained Glass Wreath
Shamrock Stained Glass Wreath -- A wreath of shamrocks means a wealth of good luck! Old Irish saying rings true today. Sun shimmers through handcrafted stained glass wreath of 12 clovers all hand-set in gold-tone metal frame.
a table topped with dishes and cups filled with green leafy decorations on top of a white table cloth
Every Irish girl needs a proper Irish tea set.
a stack of cups and saucers with green leaves on them
High Society Tea
Perfect teacups for an Irish tea!
a woman with long blonde hair holding flowers in her hands and looking at the camera
tea with mrs. mourning dove
a pink flower with green leaves in the background
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Red Clover - Trifolium hybridum - Flower
the sun shines brightly on some wildflowers
Abundant clover produces a well-known honey with a clean, sweet flavor that has become the standard by which other honeys are judged.
two hands reaching for purple flowers in the middle of some green grass and pink wildflowers
four leaf clovers are hanging on a wire with clothes pins attached to it and some green leaves in the foreground
a brown cow standing in a field of flowers with the words tauren herbism above it
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a woman laying in the grass with her eyes closed and hands on her chest, surrounded by purple flowers