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Constanta | by Tim Peake

Tim Peake ‏ Constanta, the oldest continuously inhabited city in

Florida | by Tim Peake

Astronaut Tim Peake returns to Earth this weekend after 6 months aboard the International Space Station.

La Seine | by Tim Peake

Sun reflecting the route of La Seine winding its way down to Paris North is right. The silhouette of a Soyuz spacecraft covers the southern part of Brittany.

Lake Maggiore | by Tim Peake

Lake Maggiore and the foothills of the Swiss Alps Credits: ESA/NASA

Ancient volcanoes | by Tim Peake

Ancient volcanoes on the Iran/Pakistan border Credits: ESA/NASA

Evening sun | by Tim Peake

Evening sun lighting up this Himalayan lake Credits: ESA/NASA

Cyprus | by Tim Peake

East end of the Med looking south, with Cyprus in the centre Credits: ESA/NASA

St. Helens | by Tim Peake

Helens and its ‘missing’ side since 1980 eruption More about the Principia mission: www.

UK south coast | by Tim Peake

Tim Peake ‏ A sunny UK south coast today - where I grew up (not that I really ever grew up!

Alberta fire smoke | by Tim Peake

Smoke from Alberta fires now covering vast areas of North America across to Atlantic coast Credits: ESA/NASA

Smoke | by Tim Peake

A picture taken by astronaut Time Peak from the International Space Station on May shows smoke from Canada’s wildfires covering vast areas of North America across to Atlantic coast.