Andrea Epsteinová

Andrea Epsteinová

Mám ráda spoustu věcí. Miluju léto, sluníčko, pláž, moře....ráda sportuju, tancuju, poslouchám muziku, ale i relaxuju a maluju. Prostě je toho moc moc moc...:-)
Andrea Epsteinová
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Nature colonizes everything. Abandoned library with tree. I would love to have a thing of nature in a library it just seem so cool. I mean you can read your book on the tree! Even though it's abandoned that would be awesome.

Budapest  The control room in an abandoned power plant.  by [AndreasS] on Flickr.

The empty control room of the disused Art Deco Kelenföld Power Station in Budapest, Hungary. The owners of the building occasionally open its doors to the public for tours. Photo: Andreas S


A guard once sat upon this chair, a guard with muscles to fear One day he peeked behind the door, and now he is no longer here