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Dino get ready for me to paint you and throw you around my shoulder

Previous pinner says: Black light, glow in the dark body paint I say: Did you notice the Boa Constrictor? That and the whole thing is really screaming at me in this image!Best neon lighting ideas, an original neon lighting ideas, wonderful neon,

Philip Stanhope Worsley,  Julia Margaret Cameron

Philip Stanhope Worsley: An Oxford-educated poet who translated the Odyssey and part of the Iliad into Spenserian verse, Worsley died of tuberculosis at the age of thirty. Cameron’s portrait was made the year of his death

"San Sebastián" por Fred Holland Day, 1906

Holland Day, Saint Sebastian, platinum print ” Saint Sebastian has taken on such iconic status in our era, it is fascinating to look back to what must surely be one of.

fred holland day

Crucifixion with halo, frontal (via Library of Congress)