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Adunka Ištoková
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How To Train Your Dragon

How to Train your Dragon, toothless fighting the bewilderbeasts control


How to train your dragon Toothless a Night Fury is so excited about his new Dorsal Blades which makes him fly higher and faster.<<~and they help him make those tight turns

Kimi ja Nakya Dame Mitai [Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Op full]

Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun: this anime is a bit weird and kind of boring bet it just kept me watching it for some reason. it is a romance, comedy, school and shounen. not bad. thumbs up

Hiccup and Astrid / How to Train Your Dragon 2

Promo pictures of How To Train Your Dragon the upcoming animated movie sequel to Dreamworks Animation's How To Train Your Dragon, have surfaced online, take a look below: