AUTUMN tips. Herbst tips. JESEŇ. Warm soft/muted.

Value from light to dark! Chroma: TONES + SHADES. Tips in soft,muted,dull colours, easy combination with other "autumns" colours. If you want to buy something…
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фото плодов шиповника

Autumn colours - inspiration in the nature

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Základ šatníka jesenných typov - neutrály.
Farebné kombinácie s neutrálmi jesennej škály

How to create colour harmony easily

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Autumnn black

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PANTONE SMART 19-0515X Color Swatch Card, Olive Night Pantone
Pantone Smart Swatch 16-1325 Copper for evening dress.

Autumn neutrals

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Autumn grey

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Pantone Smart Swatch 11-0105 Antique White, Painting Supplies & Wall Treatments - Amazon Canada
Pantone Smart Swatch 12-1009 Vanilla Cream
BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 13-1011 Ivory Cream

Autumn white - lightly greish yellowish "white"

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Pantone Announces 9 Other Colors To Wear In 2015 - Oak Buff. For light Spring pecfect as neutral far from face - wear on coats, trenchcoats, cardigans, jackets. Toussers, skirts, shoes, bags.
PANTONE SMART 16-1148X Color Swatch Card, Nugget
PANTONE SMART 18-1018X Color Swatch Card, Golden Brown

Autumn beige

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Wear far from face as neutral.
PANTONE SMART 19-1220X Color Swatch Card, Cappuccino Pantone,

Autumn brown

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Autumn khaki

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 16-1133 Mustard Gold
Pantone Smart 18-0426 TCX Color Swatch Card | Capulet Olive | Magazine Cafe Store NYC USA

Autumn olive tones and shades

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 18-0627 Fir Green

Autumn yelow yelowgreen

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Pantone Smart Swatch 19-5920 Pineneedle
BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 17-0115 Oil Green

Autumn yellowgreen

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PANTONE SMART 18-0121X Color Swatch Card, Elm Green - House Paint -

Autumn green yelowgreen

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Preview of Pantone's 2015 Home + Interiors Colors! Description from I searched for this on
Preview of Pantone's 2015 Home + Interiors Colors! Description from I searched for this on

Autumn green

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BUY Pantone Smart Swatch 17-4919 Teal TIE G Solid Satin Color Formal Necktie and Pocket Square Sets in Gift Box (Aqua) : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Autumn teal, bluegreen, tyrquoise...between blue and green

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Sunflower Sunshine Yellow Golden Yellow Mimosa Mustard Saffron Cinnamon Golden Spice Pale Peach Apricot Mellow Rose Peach Echo Rosewood Salmon Coral Hot Coral Spiced Coral Orange Terracotta Amber Sienna Papaya Tangerine Pumpkin Burnt Orange Rust Red Earth Chestnut Red Coral Red Pear Musk Red Brick Red Geranium Poppy True Red Cranberry Mars Red Soft Blackberry Plum Purple Cassis Aubergine Fig Pansy Royal Purple

Autumn greenish blue

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Pantone Smart Swatch 19-3722 Mulberry Purple

Autumn violet blue (cool)

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PANTONE SMART 19-3022X Color Swatch Card, Gloxinia

Autumn purple

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Autumn blue violet (cool)

2 Pins PANTONE SMART 19-1718X Color Swatch Card, Fig: Home Improvement
Si fa presto a dire…BORDEAUX! La verità sui colori dei prodotti make-up!

Autumn redpurple

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7 Surprising Benefits Of Beetroot Powder - FreshCap Mushrooms

Autumn redmagenta

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Pantone Smart Swatch 19-1531 Sun-Dried Tomato. Dark autumn colour as this shade wear on trousses, skirts, blazer, cardigan... Not to face under you chin.

Autumn red

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14-1313 Rose Cloud

Autumn orange-red

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 18-1447 Orange Rust

Autumn red-oranges

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BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 14-1139 Pumpkin
BUY Pantone Cotton Swatch 16-1260 Harvest Pumpkin

Autumn oranges

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