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a neon sign that says dance first, beat later
Dance first, think later
two tall vases sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to the ocean
Straight from fairytale
people crossing the street at an intersection in front of a large building and traffic lights
Evening spirit in Milano
the large cathedral is lit up at night with lights on it's sides and windows
a large building with a clock on it's side and lights at the top
Something extraordinary
an ornate clock on the side of a building
Who we really are at the end of times?
Little Things
Just little things🌺🌸
a pink wall that has some type of lettering on it with gold foiled animals
Alice in the Wondeland
We are all mad, arent we?
an ornate ceiling with paintings on it
The fall of Icarus
I love you like Icarus loved the Sun, too much and too close
a hand holding a bouquet of flowers on a brick walkway in front of some steps
forget me not
the shadow of a person riding a skateboard on a sidewalk next to a street
sunny day☀️