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Deep Ocean......It's a Weird, Scary Place. - Imgur  The comments just kill me! Very interesting infograph!

The depth of the Mariana Trench, deepest known point in the ocean - it's deeper into the earth than a commercial aircraft cruises above the earth. <<< This is somehow terrifying

Want a snake wrapped somewhere.  Don't tread on me.

If would not be a surprise to find out that snake tattoos are the most common kind of body art that has ever been inked. There are so many that use snakes in their body art, no…

Watercolor Styled Forest Tattoo Design.

45 Inspirational Forest Tattoo Ideas-Have a mysterious and calming picture of pine trees. Pines are slender and at one look, it would seem they would easily break. But they endure strong storms by swaying with the harsh winds and ultimately survive.